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The benefits of drone brood removal /drone comb trapping, for the control of varroa mites, has long been established. Researchers all over the world agree, drone brood removal is effective at controlling varroa mites.

In addition to controlling varroa, drone comb removal
has been proven to increase honey production!

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Drone Brood Removal for the Management of Varroa destructor
Nicholas W. Calderone, Associate Professor Department of Entomology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

The effect of drone comb on a honey bee colony's production of honey
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Biotechnical Methods II - The One-Two Punch @ Scientific Beekeeping
Randy Oliver, scientificbeekeeping.com

The removal of capped drone brood: an effective means of reducing the infestation of Varroa in colonies
Charriere Jean-Daniel, Imdorf Anton, Bachofen Boris, Tschan Anna Swiss Bee Research Centre, Liebefeld, CH-3003, Bern

Drone Brood Removal for the Management of of Varroa Mites
Ontario Beekeepers' Association Technology-Transfer Program

Using Drone Brood as a Varroa Control
The Food and Environment Research Agency - National Bee Unit
Sand Hutton, York UK