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How it Works

Trap and destroy varroa, without taking apart your colony!

Place the VarroaXtractor™ frame, in your brood box, between drawn worker bee frames. This will provide a guide for the bees to build perfect drone comb, every time!

After the queen lays eggs and the bees cap the brood, the VarroaXtractor™ Easy Glide Frame, is ready! The patent pending design, allows for quick removal of the VarroaXtractor™ frame, with your hive tool.

Simply Cut or Freeze the drone brood with the trapped varroa. Then, reinsert the VarroaXtractor™ frame back into the hive box, for the next extraction.

No more jamming your hive tool to "crack" open and
lift heavy supers - to access your brood box.

Not sure if the VarroaXtractor™ frame is ready?
Inspect in seconds without breaking a sweat!

The VarroaXtractor™ Hive Box, includes an access door and latching hardware.

Easily remove your drone frame without disassembling your hive boxes!

The VarroaXtractor™ works by progressively removing the varroa mites trapped inside the sealed drone cells. After the first extraction, you will remove a significant number of varroa mites. The varroa still alive in the colony, will be trapped and removed the next time, and so on. The VarroaXtractor™ allows for effortless varroa control throughout the season.
Gone are the days of labor intensive drone/varroa trapping. VarroaXtractor™ offers a practical, time tested, and proven solution.

Improve the health of your colony today!

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