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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many VarroaXtractor™ frames do I need?
A: Only one is sufficient, however, the VarroaXtractor™ Hive Box can accommodate two frames. Install each
VarroaXtractor™ between drawn worker frames.
Q: Is the VarroaXtractor™ available for medium size hive boxes?
A: Yes. It will fit any size hive box, including international bee hives. Please inquire if you do not see your hive box listed.
Q: Where do I install the VarroaXtractor™ ?
A: The VarroaXtractor™ should be installed in your brood hive box or boxes. Place the VarroaXtractor™ next to the worker brood. This is typically in the 2nd or 3rd slot from the edge (the queen prefers locations near the edges).
Q: I am setting up a new colony, when should I install the VarroaXtractor™ ?
A: You should wait until the colony is reasonably strong, about four frames of capped brood.
Q: Is the queen safe when sliding out the VarroaXtractor™ frame?
A: Yes, the process of removing your drone frame from the side or from the top of your brood box is the same, apply smoke as necessary. The
VarroaXtractor™ Easy Glide Frame system, provides a convenient and safe method to remove your drone frame.
Q: Can I install a queen excluder with the VarroaXtractor™ ?
A: Yes, we suggest that you use a queen excluder. However, never install the VarroaXtractor™ above a queen excluder.
Q: Why not use a plastic drone frame?
A: There are many advantages to the
VarroaXtractor™ vs. plastic drone frames
1st - you do not need to take apart your colony to remove the
VarroaXtractor™. This is a significant advantage during the honey flow!
2nd -
the VarroaXtractor™ foundationless frame, gives you the option to cut or freeze the drone brood - the best of both worlds!
3rd - we have found the bees will build their own comb faster. There is no need for a plastic drone frame. Simply, install the VarroaXtractor™ foundationless frame between worker bee frames, and the bees will build perfect drone comb every time!
Q: How often do I need to pull out the VarroaXtractor™ frame?
A: You should remove the VarroaXtractor™ every 18-21 days, ideally when the frame is about 70% full of capped brood. However, it is more important to remove the frame before the drones begin to hatch, regardless of the percentage full.

The VarroaXtractor™ allows for easy inspection, any time during the beekeeping season. Simply pull out the Easy Glide Frame to check the status!

Here in Michigan, USA - we pull our VarroaXtractor's™ approximately 4-5 times per year. We suggest that you use the VarroaXtractor™ throughout the season. We simply cut the drone brood, reinstall the empty frame, and repeat the process.